Chuong Duong Steel Structure One Menber Limited Company formerly is Chuong Duong Steel Structure Branch, formerly known as Mechanical Enterprise - 225 Ben Chuong Duong, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Currently, it is an internal accounting production unit, under the management unit, Chuong Duong Corporation.

Business Registration Certificate No. 0313948258 registered for the first time on August 3, 2016, changed for the sixth time on June 08, 2023. Registered charter capital is: 13,2 billion VND.

The factory has officially operated since July 1996, on an area of 21.135m2, including 4 rows of factories, 2 yards for gathering products, which are specializedly equipped to process all jobs on steel structures. types (such as trusses, fuel tanks, concrete batching plants, structural steel beams of high-rise buildings...)

The current organizational payroll, in addition to the office and service blocks, in the direct production area is divided into 5 workshops, 1 team specializing in assembling manufactured products, with an army of 150 people.



According to Decision No. 421/BXD/KH-DA dated July 10, 1996 of the Minister of Construction, he agreed to approve the production plan of the Steel Structure Factory with a capacity of 6,000 tons/year with a capacity exploitation factor of 6,000 tons/year. as follows :
First year: 63.33%
Second year : 83.33%
From the third year: 100%
with the main product volume when reaching the designed capacity:
Warehouse frame, 1-storey and multi-storey house frame: 4,700 t/year
Production of components, technological equipment: 1,200 tons/year
Mechanical equipment and spare parts : 100 t/year
The factory's technology is equipped to manufacture mainly steel structure products for construction and installation. The products are manufactured according to Vietnamese standards for structural steel, and also meet the requirements of customers on other product standards: ASME, NF, JIS, ASTM, ...

- Transporting materials and products in the factory
- Steel structure processing
- Sandblasting - Coating
- Processing and assembling refined products
- Product inspection and packaging.
- The enterprise has been certified by QUACERT Certification Center for Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2000


During the time since its establishment, the enterprise has carried out many projects that are trusted and highly appreciated by customers, typically as follows:
1. The truss of Thu Duc Sports Center Gymnasium (aperture 30m)
2. Truss of Duy Hung Shoe Factory - Song Be - (aperture 28m)
3. Truss of Steel Factory - (aperture 22m)
4. Curved arch truss, with 247mm pipe Gypsum Warehouse - N/Sao mai cement machine - (aperture 43m) - 223 tons
5. Curved arch truss, made of 247mm pipe Iron Ore Warehouse - N/Cement machine Sao Mai - (aperture 43m) - 223 tons
6. Structural processing for Preliminary calcination tower - N/Sao Mai cement machine - (893 tons)
7. Structural erection for Sao Mai cement plant/machine - 801 tons
8. Golden-Hope Cooking Oil Factory (Nha Be)
9. Expansion of Ha Tien 1 Cement Factory (Thu Duc)
10. Pectechim Petroleum Port Depot (Raft House)
11. Phuoc Khanh Petroleum Port Depot
12. The truss of Phu Tho Sports and Sports Gymnasium (110m aperture)
13. Saigon Dairy Factory
14. Trung Nguyen Coffee Factory-(Dak Lak)
15. Saigon Brewery – (Dak Lak)
16. Phu My Thermal Power Plant 2.2
17. Tuong An Oil Factory, products associated with Bluscope.
18. Dung Quoc Oil Refinery Plant-(Quang Ngai)
19. Canopy Cam Ranh Airport - Khanh Hoa

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Address: 328 Vo Van Kiet street, Co Giang ward, District 1, HCMC, Vietnam

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